In light of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions and circumstances, the GCFAC has temporarily postponed our upcoming shows, performance dates, and auditions. 

We are all living in unprecedented times, and we thank you and appreciate your patience and continued support as we show our love and support for this community while trying to keep a theatre company that cannot currently do traditional shows relevant to its audience. 

We will continue to wait for updates from both state and federal government officials regarding restrictions on social events, gathering sizes, and the latest safety concerns. We encourage you all to do the same.

In the meantime, in order to bring a little happiness and entertainment to everyone's lives --- be sure to head over to our documentation page and find the latest information on our 
VIRTUAL PERFORMANCES that will be conducted remotely.

Auditions, rehearsals, and performances will all be done for our social media audience, and we can't wait to start bringing a little theatre back into everyone's lives! Get started below.

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